"To me, female empowerment means being liberated and to feel as though your identity and to feel as though your identity makes you stronger, it pushes you forward rather than holding you back. Females in general are thrown under the bus for basically anything they identify with; from their sexualities to their appearances and interests.

To rebel against this is female empowerment. To experience such negativity from such a young age definitely gave me thick skin and made me into a confident and positive individual. It is so important to know that you shouldn't change yourself or your energy to fit into the ideal that society creates for females. Girls are strong as hell, we need to help pull each other up instead of pushing each other down"

"I am grateful for the reality that is changing within all of us as it promises hope. You are your own vision, make it yours. Make it different"

"I feel like as girls we need to stick together to help and support each other. We should not be in competition with each other, we are all fab in our own right"

"When I realised society should not dictate what is beauty, I then began to realise I should not have to change my 'flaws' to better other people in order to feel good. That is when I understood the strength in my beauty"

"Working towards self confidence is hard but so worth it. Every day I feel more comfortable in my skin and it could not feel any better"

"I have committed myself to enjoying the journey of self discovery. Enjoying each and every moment of life. Because the beauty is in realising that once I stop and just be, only then can I truly start living"

"I view my mum as a strong female figure, she has always been a huge inspiration in my life. She taught me how to love myself as well as others. She also taught me how important feminism is and how necessary it is now more than ever"

"The thing about self confidence is that you have got to fake it. I have always pretended that I am confident and naturally confidence has grown from that. I don't think you can learn to love yourself, it is an ongoing thing and having a supportive group of people around you, who are lifting you up is essential"

"No one is perfect and life does not ever exactly go the way we want it to go, and it is only recently that I have realised that that is not really such a bad thing"